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October 30, 2017
by Daniel

Join the SuperBetter at Work Testing Panel

Greetings, Allies!

Last week we shared exciting news about the work that we’ve been doing to achieve our Epic Win of unlocking the heroic potential of organizations and communities around the world through a new project called SuperBetter at Work.

This week we’re reaching out to the SuperBetter community to help us make SuperBetter at Work the best possible tool for helping people in the workplace. We’re putting together a team of SuperBetter panelists to test the new platform, try out new content, and give us feedback for improvements.

superbetter at work panel

Sound fun and interesting? It will be!

Now let’s answer some questions you might be having:

What will I be doing?

You’ll be testing the SuperBetter at Work platform and trying out the Adventure content. “Adventures” are similar to the “Power Packs” in the free version of the SuperBetter app. You’ll then share your thoughts and feedback with us.

How much time will it take?

This first testing period will be two weeks: one week to test the platform and another week to try out three different Adventures (i.e. “Power Packs”). The first week will involve roughly about 10 minutes a day for five days. The second week will involve about 30-40 minutes for each of the three Adventures.

NOTE: This will be the first feedback project for our team of SuperBetter panelists, and we may reach out to panelists again in the future to try out other features (though it will always be optional to participate).

Will I get something for my time?

You bet! If you join the feedback panel, once this first testing period is over and you’ve completed your feedback we’ll send you a free SuperBetter t-shirt as our way of saying thanks. Plus, you’ll get the chance to check out SuperBetter at Work before anyone else. And you’ll be one of the people whose opinions help shape the final product. Yay, bragging rights!

SuperBetter t-shirt

How do I sign up?

We thought you’d never ask! Just click on the link below which will take you to an online form that you can fill out and submit. If you’re interested, please submit the form by midnight (CST) on Nov. 12.  After that, we’ll close the application process and then you’ll hear back from us soon.

Hope to have you on the team!

Yours Gamefully,

The SuperBetter Team

October 25, 2017
by Daniel

Growing SuperBetter’s Impact in the World

Hello, Allies!

We are excited to share this update with you.

If you’ve read the SuperBetter book, you know that one of the seven rules of living gamefully is to go for Epic Wins.  At SuperBetter, our Epic Win is to unlock the heroic potential of individuals, organizations and communities around the world.  This is our North Star.

We’ve identified a pathway to this Epic Win that holds the greatest promise for impact and sustainability.

Inspired by Jane’s quote, “You are surrounded by potential allies,” we’ve embarked on a path to create special, mission-aligned partnerships to bring custom versions of SuperBetter to several large markets in the coming years.  The first leg of this journey is employers and a new version of SuperBetter designed to transform the workplace with gameful resilience.

SuperBetter Is Coming to the Workplace

superbetter at work bannerThis month we announced a major partnership to bring our proven SuperBetter Live Gamefully™ methodology to the workplace.  Our partner, Abound Wellbeing, is a mission-aligned, private-equity backed health improvement company that equips employees and organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

SuperBetter At Work is their flagship product.  We’ve collaborated to create an amazing version of SuperBetter fully customized for the distinct needs of employees and employers.  Beginning early next year, SuperBetter At Work™ will be available to employees across America as part of their employers’ well-being programs.

Our Science Is Getting Attention

Two really big updates here:

world psychiatry logoFirst, World Psychiatry just published the first-ever meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the efficacy of smartphone-based mental health interventions for depression.   The SuperBetter study at the University of Pennsylvania is 1 of 18 quality RCTs included in the meta-analysis. The analysis shows that SuperBetter had the largest effect among the 22 apps evaluated in these 18 RCTs.  In other words, SuperBetter helped the most in reducing symptoms of depression.  Power-up!

Second, this summer Brain Injury published an NIH-funded clinical study conducted at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  In the study, teens with persistent concussion symptoms who played SuperBetter for 3-6 weeks and received standard medical care had significantly greater reduction in symptoms compared to a control group that received only standard medical care. You can read a terrific story about the study in USA Today.

The SuperBetter Community Is Awesome

The global SuperBetter Community is now more than 700,000 strong.  We are humbled and inspired by the grassroots passion, interest and support for SuperBetter and its potential to create positive change in the world. It warms our hearts to hear your stories, learn about therapists recommending SuperBetter to patients, and discover teachers using our gameful approach in their classrooms to increase student resilience.

Please know that as we follow our path to partnerships, we plan to continue to make the existing SuperBetter apps and website available for FREE, so anyone around the world can use them.

This version of SuperBetter is truly free.  We don’t sell anyone’s data or use in-product advertising.  We’ll continue to do the best we can with available resources to maintain this free service.  As you play SuperBetter, please keep in mind that our resources are limited and be forgiving if you discover bugs or it takes a while to respond to a question.

If you’ve played SuperBetter lately, you’ll notice that we recently pushed new updates for the iOS and Android apps, fixed bugs, and added Power Packs. The technical team is now working on a plan to address access issues with the forum.

As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas. The best way to reach us is to visit or email us at [email protected].

Yours Gamefully,

The SuperBetter Team

August 11, 2015
by Violet

You could win a custom SuperBetter adventure!

SuperBetter book

You already know SuperBetter is a gameful way of living that can change your life, and now there’s a book that proves it.  If you’re ready to get even stronger, happier, braver, and more resilient, then you don’t want to miss this!

SuperBetter creator Jane McGonigal’s book comes out in just a few weeks, and you can sign up today to be one of the first people to read it.  Even cooler, Jane is offering some incredible prizes for a few lucky winners, including a private coaching session and custom secret identities.

Best of all, absolutely everybody who pre-orders SuperBetter gets VIP access to a Google hangout where Jane will answer your questions about anything and everything.  To see all the awesome rewards and learn more about how to sign up to get them, click here!

August 4, 2015
by Keith

Jane on The Tim Ferriss Show

jane-mcgonigal-on-the-tim-ferriss-show2SuperBetter creator Jane McGonigal discusses the Health Benefits of Games on The Tim Ferriss Show.

In this conversation, Tim and Jane dig into everything from recovering from head trauma to how you can use Candy Crush Saga to lose weight. Not enough? How about using Tetris to prevent PTSD, or using Call of Duty to increase empathy?

And, of course, SuperBetter…

Click here to listen to the full podcast.


July 28, 2015
by Keith

SuperBetter Science Update

g4h.2015.4.issue-3.coverAmazing news! A randomized controlled study of SuperBetter was published in the June 2015 edition of the Games for Health Journal. That’s right, the benefits of using SuperBetter are now confirmed in a study that has been published in a scientific peer-reviewed journal.

The study, conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, found that using SuperBetter for 30 days significantly reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety; and increased life satisfaction, social support, and the belief in one’s ability to succeed and achieve goals.

SuperBetter helps you be stronger for life – by increasing resilience. Resilience is the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult challenges.

July 21, 2015
by Keith

A SuperBetter story

We are super excited to learn about the many ways that SuperBetter is helping people be stronger for life.

Today, we share an amazing story from Melissa Decapua’s blog, Modern Nurse.

Melissa writes:I originally fell in love with SuperBetter when I watched a 2012 TED talk by the creator Dr. Jane McGonigal called, “The game that can give you 10 extra years of life.” Super Better is one of those so wonderfully simple yet unbelievably ingenious creations with an unequivocally genuine and loving dedication to the wellbeing of each individual.

I remember the moment I became a true believer in SuperBetter. I was working at a small, rural outpatient mental health clinic as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. At the time I was only months into my career, and need I say naive? I was seeing a young man with major depression for our first follow-up visit. He walked into my office that day appearing brighter, livelier, and more sociable. About a month earlier, I had written a prescription for Wellbutrin and casually recommended that he check out this interesting website,

“Looks like that Wellbutrin is working.” I said.

“Actually,” he started, “I couldn’t afford it, so I never got the prescription filled. I did sign up for SuperBetter though.”

“Really? Tell me about it.”

“Melissa, it has changed my life. I still have a long way to go, but I have hope in me now. I feel a strength growing inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time.”

I was stunned. I mean, obviously I thought SuperBetter was cool before, but actually seeing someone who was in so much pain find so much relief in something so simple (not to mention cost-effective and safe)… it was a poignant moment for me. I will never forget the smile in his eyes as he told me about his “epic wins” and “power ups.”

Read the rest of Melissa’s blog here.

May 4, 2014
by Jane

“A New Way to Treat Depression: Games” – We’re in the Wall Street Journal!

Screenshot 2014-05-05 21.11.22

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder last September, Reva Wood struggled with chronic pain, and then anxiety stemming from chronic pain. To reduce her anxiety, she decided to try something a little unusual: a video game called SuperBetter that claimed to use science-based challenges to help her manage anxiety.

Digital games are gaining notice from some researchers who think they’re a novel way to address mental health issues like depression and anxiety. SuperBetter is currently the subject of two scientific trials, including a National Institutes of Health-funded experiment that will begin this summer.

Read the full article at the Wall Street Journal.

April 5, 2014
by Jane

Happy three year anniversary, SuperBetter! (and here’s what’s next…)

We’re thrilled that three years after launching our first prototype, SuperBetter has helped nearly half a million players — and the game remains 100% free online.

If you’re playing SuperBetter online, hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve celebrated our anniversary by polishing up the website and making some improvements! You’ll notice a smoother experience everywhere from your To Do list to your Allies dashboard.

We’re also just a few weeks away from an iOS update and our first ever Android app.

Although we’re not a full-time team working on the product anymore, we love SuperBetter, and we’ve seen it change countless lives. That’s why we continue to support it — with help from a clinical trial research grant from the NIH, so we can continue to work with scientists and health care practitioners to bring SuperBetter to as many people as possible.

So keep activating those power-ups and battling those bad guys! After all, it looks like there’s an epic win in your future…

March 4, 2013
by Mike Hostetler


Dear SuperBetter Players,

You may have seen a few more bugs and errors lately across SuperBetter and are thinking What is going on?! We empathize with you and want to let all our awesome players and fans know what is going on. We are currently looking to transition SuperBetter to a new home, where players can continue on their path to getting SUPERBETTER. We are in talks with a few different allies and hope to have good news to share in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, we expect some bumps and possible disruption along the way.

For now, the site in its current form will stay up through the end of March. If you’re currently playing your way through a Power Pack, or on your way to an epic win, keep going! There’s still a ton of resilience you can build between now and March 31.

Because there maybe a disruption in the site (and app) availability after March 31, you may want to take some screenshots of your secret headquarters now, or make a list of your favorite power-ups and bad guys, so you continue to have resources for your SuperBetter journey.

And in the meantime, thanks for your patience with the bugs — and look for some updates soon.

– The SuperBetter Labs Team