A big thank you to the Super Allies we interviewed!

Here at SuperBetter we’ve recently been carrying out a multi-faceted research project intended to help us better understand the ways that peole use and benefit from SuperBetter—what kinds of goals and challenges they use it for, their patterns and habits of use, and in what ways it has helped them and in what ways it could be improved so that it can help them even more.

One major part of this research has been to extensively interview a number of SuperBetter users. Some weeks ago we put out a call on social media for volunteers who were willing to be interviewed, and a number of intrepid heroes raised their hands and stepped up to the plate!

We were pleased to find that our volunteers cut across a wide demographic swath. For instance, there were new users who have recently discovered SuperBetter and found themselves drawn to it for various reasons, as well as heroes who have already been on this journey for months, years even, and still find that they still derive benefit from it in certain ways. We had people in traditional jobs working for companies, self-employed or freelancing people, those who were students, and those in transitional periods. And we had an array of people of different age groups – all of which is to simply say, our SuperBetter heroes are a diverse lot!

The interviews were fruitful and insightful, and we were continually amazed by all the fascinating experiences and feedback that our heroes shared. One thing that we found particularly remarkable was how – certain commonalities notwithstanding – each person had something interesting and different to say that none of the other interviewees said. This speaks, once again, to the diversity and range of life experiences and perspectives of our SuperBetter user base.

We earnestly believe that the feedback we’ve received will help us make SuperBetter… well, better! And we sincerely thank the heroes who took the time out of their busy days to sit down with us and let us pick their brains.

And so we just wanted to thank the following wonderful folks by name (listed here in alphabetical order, with permission from all of them):

• Renee Albrecht-Mallinger

• Susan Baranowski

• Alex DiBranco

• Cathy Dufresne

• Korryn Flynn

• Rene Irvine

• Michelle Murphy

• Christopher Patnaude

• Michael Soguero

• Susan Sylvester

Thank you! You are all the very best!!!