A New Way to Play SuperBetter

Squad Play is Coming Soon

A new and improved SuperBetter app will be available in January!

Invented by game designer Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter uses the psychology of game play in all of life to help you build skills, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

With a new Squad Play mode, SuperBetter Challenges can be hosted for others. Players complete similar daily activities as they go for a common epic win.

Squad Play is a practical tool for teachers, schools, college clubs, employers, therapists, friends and more. This 5-minute video explains how teachers can host Challenges for their students to promote social-emotional learning.

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Watch for more updates as the launch approaches!

We Are Raising Funds to Grow our Impact

Instead of offering the opportunity to invest in our company to only traditional investors, we’re taking a unique approach – an open investment campaign.

For a limited time we’ve opened the opportunity to invest in SuperBetter to anyone interested in owning a stake in our company with as little as $150.

As a company built from the grassroots, we love the idea of inviting mission-aligned allies and people from the communities we serve to join our journey.

Funds raised will help us grow our business faster and play a bigger role to address the mental health crisis among youth and young adults.

Our campaign is hosted on Republic, a leading private investment platform. You can learn how it works on our Investor Page.

Here are ways to get involved:

  • Forward this post! Share with with others who might be interested.
  • Invest: Visit or Investor Page and make your investment.

Our open investment campaign lets us invite anyone to be part of our epic journey as an investor. This means anyone, investment experience or not, can invest and be a larger part of our SuperBetter story.

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Gratitude to our Allies

We are all surrounded by potential allies. As a small team motivated by impact, we appreciate the allies helping us along the way. Special thanks to:

  • Wharton Impact Venture Associates for for helping to facilitate our open investment campaign.
  • Parkland Health System and Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation for collaborating on an upcoming pilot of Squad Play among at-risk (at-promise) teens.
  • The World Economic Forum for creating the showcase video below and sharing it on their social media accounts with 20 million combined followers:

Thank you for being our ally.

The SuperBetter Team