A Security Update for SuperBetter Forum Users

For several years, SuperBetter made a forum available as a resource for our community. The forum was hosted on a 3rd party platform, separate from SuperBetter.com. For reasons unrelated to this post, the forum was removed in mid-2017 and replaced with the SuperBetter Official Community Group on Facebook.

It recently came to our attention that at some point while the forum was still active, an unauthorized party acquired data associated with some forum accounts. The affected information included email addresses and passwords.

We take the protection of personal information seriously. When we became aware, we took steps to determine the nature and scope of the issue. The investigation determined that only SuperBetter Forum accounts were affected. Accounts associated with the SuperBetter.com website or apps were not affected.

Actions We’ve Taken:

  • The forum was taken down in July 2017 and is no longer publicly available.
  • All email addresses and passwords in the forum database have been altered and made unusable.
  • All system and administrative passwords have been changed.

What You Can Do:

  • Change your password for any other online account for which you used the same (or similar) login information used for your SuperBetter Forum account.
  • While the SuperBetter website and apps were not affected, we recommend changing the password on your SuperBetter account, now and periodically (changing your online passwords once every 6 months to a year is generally considered a good guideline). 
  • Review your accounts for suspicious activity and be wary of unsolicited emails that ask for personal information or lead you to an unfamiliar website asking for personal information; and avoid clicking links or downloading files in suspicious emails.


The SuperBetter Team

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