Dear SuperBetter Players,

You may have seen a few more bugs and errors lately across SuperBetter and are thinking What is going on?! We empathize with you and want to let all our awesome players and fans know what is going on. We are currently looking to transition SuperBetter to a new home, where players can continue on their path to getting SUPERBETTER. We are in talks with a few different allies and hope to have good news to share in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, we expect some bumps and possible disruption along the way.

For now, the site in its current form will stay up through the end of March. If you’re currently playing your way through a Power Pack, or on your way to an epic win, keep going! There’s still a ton of resilience you can build between now and March 31.

Because there maybe a disruption in the site (and app) availability after March 31, you may want to take some screenshots of your secret headquarters now, or make a list of your favorite power-ups and bad guys, so you continue to have resources for your SuperBetter journey.

And in the meantime, thanks for your patience with the bugs — and look for some updates soon.

– The SuperBetter Labs Team

2 thoughts on “A SUPERBETTER Site Update

  1. I stumbled upon this by accident, might be a good idea to inform the players in a more direct way? Or did we get a message in our mailbox? I missed that if I did.

    It’s also good to know, as it means I won’t be spending any more time adding new personalised things because a) the site invariably goes to the getting superbetter count backwards error message and b) they may not be transferred to the new place any way, which I think is a shame if it was the case but I think it’s good that you give us fair warning.

    Thank you for this wonderful site, it has really helped me – I was literally feeling helpless and unable to go on with my life and now, well, I’m in charge and getting on with my life, most of the time, anyway!

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