A whole host of updates!


Happy Thursday, Heroes! Check out this list of updates and fixes that we have pushed out over the last week to improve your SuperBetter experience:

  1. Display player’s current avatar and “display name” in activity stream.
  2. Consistently use hero secret identity when displaying player’s “name” on the game site (Note: The SuperBetter forums are a different system, so this does not apply there.)
  3. Fix the to do list. Quests performed today will be displayed in the to-do list grayed and crossed out. The quest list will be reset at beginning of each day.
  4. Quests performed today will also remain in the quest list and appear grayed out. Status of quest will be either “Completed” or “Done Today.” Completed quests will be removed from the list at the start of the next day.
  5. Alliances may be deleted by heroes. The standard OK/Cancel box will be displayed with the prompt “Are you sure you want to remove this ally?”
  6. Hero can edit ally mission.
  7. Set length of hero notes to 6000 characters.
  8. Set length of invitation message to 2000 characters
  9. Change hero note and invitation message to to allow for longer notes/messages if needed.
  10. Set max lengths on hero note and invitation message entry fields to avoid issue with notes/messages being truncated. Will add character counters in near future.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulty with any of these fixes!

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