A Year of SuperBetter


Development on the very first iteration of SuperBetter was just getting underway a year ago – and it’s been a crazy ride ever since. With launch less than a month away, here are a few standout articles and press about our SuperBetter journey:

Hub Culture interviews Jane about SuperBetter in Davos, February 2012

Bloomberg News interviews Jane about SuperBetter, November 2011

NPR producer blogs about using SuperBetter, October-November 2011

NPR features SuperBetter, September 2011

7×7 SF Magazine covers
have Jane and Social Chocolate, September 2011

Forbes Magazine features SuperBetter, September 2011

The Economist blogs about SuperBetter, July 2011

Elle Magazine features SuperBetter, June 2011

Jane gives an extended interview about gaming and the vision for SuperBetter, March 2011

The New York Times interviews Jane about Social Chocolate and SuperBetter, February 2011

Discover Magazine interviews Jane about Social Chocolate, January 2011

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