Join the New SuperBetter Official Community Group on Facebook

Hello, Allies!

We are pleased to announce a new place where all of us in the SuperBetter community can connect online to recruit allies, share ideas, be supported, find inspiration, and give encouragement to others.

Sound good? To join, simply follow this link (or the one directly below). Find the blue “Join Group” button at the top of the group page and click it. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to start one before joining the group. As soon as your request to join is approved by a group admin, you will be able to start posting and interacting.

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‘Success’ Announces Their Success 25 List – Guess Who’s on It?

25 successful people


Hi, Allies, we just wanted to quickly share some fun and exciting news with you about Jane McGonigal, the beloved creator of SuperBetter.

Each year, the business magazine Success puts out its “Success 25” list. The precise title of the list varies a bit from year to year, but the basic premise is the same: these are the twenty-five people that Success magazine feels can most help to change your life for the better in the year to come.

They recently published their fourth annual list, “25 Successful People Who’ll Help Change Your Life in 2018.” And guess what? Jane is on the list! And not only that, her twin sister Kelly McGonigal is on it as well! Talk about Wonder Twin powers!

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Growing SuperBetter’s Impact in the World

Hello, Allies!

We are excited to share this update with you.

If you’ve read the SuperBetter book, you know that one of the seven rules of living gamefully is to go for Epic Wins.  At SuperBetter, our Epic Win is to unlock the heroic potential of individuals, organizations and communities around the world.  This is our North Star.

We’ve identified a pathway to this Epic Win that holds the greatest promise for impact and sustainability.

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A whole host of updates!

Happy Thursday, Heroes! Check out this list of updates and fixes that we have pushed out over the last week to improve your SuperBetter experience:

  1. Display player’s current avatar and “display name” in activity stream.
  2. Consistently use hero secret identity when displaying player’s “name” on the game site (Note: The SuperBetter forums are a different system, so this does not apply there.)
  3. Fix the to do list. Quests performed today will be displayed in the to-do list grayed and crossed out. The quest list will be reset at beginning of each day.
  4. Quests performed today will also remain in the quest list and appear grayed out. Status of quest will be either “Completed” or “Done Today.” Completed quests will be removed from the list at the start of the next day.
  5. Alliances may be deleted by heroes. The standard OK/Cancel box will be displayed with the prompt “Are you sure you want to remove this ally?”
  6. Hero can edit ally mission.
  7. Set length of hero notes to 6000 characters.
  8. Set length of invitation message to 2000 characters
  9. Change hero note and invitation message to to allow for longer notes/messages if needed.
  10. Set max lengths on hero note and invitation message entry fields to avoid issue with notes/messages being truncated. Will add character counters in near future.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulty with any of these fixes!

Digital Boogie – What’s your Power Song?

We asked the All-Stars to give us something to get us moving this Friday by staring their Week 6 videos with a lip sync to their favorite songs. And it’s a good thing the All-Stars are awesome people who don’t mind being silly for the sake of science, because they actually did it. They’re helping us form an epic playlist full of inspiring, get-up-and-take-on-the-world songs, for which we want your suggestions too! Leave them in the comments or hit us up on Twitter to share your favorite power song, and we’ll add them to a YouTube playlist.


Charlie: “My Way” by I Fight Dragons

Jamie: “Back in Black” by AC/DC

Eric: “Catch” by Kosheen

Meg: “Let’s Hear it for Me” by Barbara Streisand – ACTUALLY SINGING, YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!


Watch the rest of the All-Stars’ Week 6 videos and check out their past stories!

Chelsea Howe, one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business

…and she’s ours! Chelsea is SuperBetter Labs’ Director of Design (you can read about her and her approach to design in SuperBetter here), and she was named today to Fast Company’s list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. Each year, Fast Company recognizes innovators who “dare to think differently.” These people are the ones taking risks and discovering surprising new solutions to old problems.” In the magazine’s profile of Chelsea, you’ll learn what she thinks is most important for the future of gaming, how she gets inspired, and what other businesspeople can learn from games. Follow the link for an advance preview – the issue hits stands May 22!

Epic Win Friday! A 20-mile walk for hunger and more

The last few weeks have brought some really incredible wins for our players. Check out a few of their accomplishments below, including a huge win by All-Star Meg and one by special player Mia Quinn!

Meg, All-Star (Epic Win: walk 20 miles in the Walk for Hunger on May 6th):

“Until I started walking, I would have told you that there was no way I could ever walk 20 miles in a day. Until mile 5, I would have told you that I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my day walking. Until mile 9.5, I would have told you that the only reason I was walking was that there were other people walking with me. Until mile 11.5, I would have told you that the only reason I was walking was prove I could go farther than the one other teammate remaining. Until mile 14, I would have told you that mind was a complete blank. Until mile 16, I would have told you that my legs were going to cramp up too badly for me to finish. Until mile 17, I would have told you that the drums in my head were the only thing keeping me going. Until mile 18, I would have told you that I was stuck in a time loop and wasn’t really getting anywhere. Until mile 19, I would have told you that I had no idea why I was still going. Until mile 20, I would have told you that there was absolutely no way I could walk 20 miles. At mile 20, my life changed.”

Mia Quinn (Epic Win: wipe out social anxiety): “This past month I have done a lot to break down my social anxiety and really get myself out there. I have gotten closer with three great friends in my life and am making more efforts to make my connections stronger with people. I am really looking forward to keeping this up!”

Ryan G. (Epic Win: enjoy time with my children): “It’s amazing how little changes have afforded me quality time and future goals with my son!”

Andy T. (Epic Win: lower my cholesterol and reduce the risk of a heart attack): “I feel that i have shown great discipline and I am very pleased with myself. I would have liked to have shared it with many more Allies!”

Jenny F. (Epic Win: reach 179 lbs): “Just broke the 180 barrier and it feels good! No plans to get back up there again.”

Irena V. (Epic Win: take advantage of every day): “Oh, wow. It just were about noticing all the awesome people around me. I regained my self-esteem and started to be proactive. :)”


Congratulations Meg, Mia, Ryan, Andy, Jenny, and Irena! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark “Share this win with others” when you accomplish it!


All-Star Videos: Epic wins achieved, new allies, and SuperBetter confidence!

It’s Week 6 for the All-Stars, and they’re prepping a pretty awesome round of videos to bring their journeys home. In the meantime, we’ve got Week 5 videos to share with you, wherein a couple of our All-Stars celebrate their epic wins, and others explain how SuperBetter is reaching beyond their challenges to change other aspects of their lives. Watch on!


Courtney: Playful success and new allies

Eric: Epic Win celebration!

Deborah: Beyond sleeping, getting more confident in life

Charlie: DING DING! Power ups on the brain


Watch the rest of the All-Stars’ Week 5 videos and check out their past stories!

Gratitude is contagious! Oprah’s Thank You Game

The office is buzzing here at SuperBetter Labs! We’re SOOOO excited and we want you to know why:

Jane, Chelsea, and other members of our team have collaborated with Oprah Winfrey to create a gratitude game with the power to take over the world literally! We’re going to use Oprah’s Thank You Game to thank THE ENTIRE US and CANADA in the next month. It’s amazing. Already, just over 36 hours after the game went public, more than 2.4 million people across the world have been thanked. Read our press release officially launching the Thank You Game

We have chills. We can’t stop smiling. And we want you to be a part of it!

All you have to do is say Thank You and hit the Thank You Button. Then watch your Thank You spread through your community and across the map. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s positively addictive—trust us, we check the map every day and squeal with delight as different countries light up!

On that note, I want to thank you, dear SuperBetter Heroes, for being such brave and willing pioneers. You’re willing to play and you keep showing up. That’s the greatest gift you could have ever given me. You make my journey as a creator and writer of PowerPacks possible. Without your willingness, I couldn’t do my job. And wow, would I be missing out without SuperBetter in my life! Thank you for showing up.


Bez Maxwell is a Power Pack writer for SuperBetter and overall creative extraordinaire! She writes for the entire SuperBetter team when she says thank you to our heroes – we could never do this without you!