SuperBetter Continues to Appear on Media’s “Best of” Lists

As the importance of resilience well-being and mental health increasingly receives more attention in the media, SuperBetter continues to appear on various “best of” lists that get published periodically. Most of the time we find out about these lists on accident, while just browsing social media. We thought it would be cool, however, to compile some of the recent inclusions over the past half year or so into a single list post of our own.

Below, in chronological order starting with most recent, are the lists that have been published by publications and blogs in which SuperBetter was included. We’ll list the publication, title of the article, date of publication (if provided), and a brief excerpt of what they wrote about SuperBetter along with some of our own comments.

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‘Success’ Announces Their Success 25 List – Guess Who’s on It?

25 successful people


Hi, Allies, we just wanted to quickly share some fun and exciting news with you about Jane McGonigal, the beloved creator of SuperBetter.

Each year, the business magazine Success puts out its “Success 25” list. The precise title of the list varies a bit from year to year, but the basic premise is the same: these are the twenty-five people that Success magazine feels can most help to change your life for the better in the year to come.

They recently published their fourth annual list, “25 Successful People Who’ll Help Change Your Life in 2018.” And guess what? Jane is on the list! And not only that, her twin sister Kelly McGonigal is on it as well! Talk about Wonder Twin powers!

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Growing SuperBetter’s Impact in the World

Hello, Allies!

We are excited to share this update with you.

If you’ve read the SuperBetter book, you know that one of the seven rules of living gamefully is to go for Epic Wins.  At SuperBetter, our Epic Win is to unlock the heroic potential of individuals, organizations and communities around the world.  This is our North Star.

We’ve identified a pathway to this Epic Win that holds the greatest promise for impact and sustainability.

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Epic Win Friday! Talking to strangers, defeating self-destruction, and more!

Ready for some inspiration to take you into the weekend? Take a look at these Epic Wins completed by our players over the last couple weeks – including a big win by All-Star Charlie!

Charlie, All-Star (Epic Win: Have the confidence to talk to people at the next Local Game Developer Meet up):

“SHAZAM, I actually came through and did it. It took forever because there’s only one of these meet-ups a month, but I went tonight, and I have to admit at first I didn’t have as much courage as I thought I was going to have, but after I had a slice of pizza and a coke, I found someone sitting by themselves and started there, and just rolled with it meeting others.”

Jill (Epic Win: Age Gracefully): “In my ongoing Quest to Age Gracefully, I am embrassing less is more! Viva le Boheme!”

Melanie (Epic Win: Exercise a half hour a day, 30 days in a row): “I wish I could say that I feel amazing—that I feel like I can take over the world with my new found exercising abilities. Instead, I’m really afraid that I’ll be falling off the wagon. My next Epic Win is to work out 6 days a week for 3 months. I needed something to keep me on track. I feel tired going into that next challenge. But you know what? I’ve come this far, and I can keep going. I do feel proud. Stronger. More peaceful. I know I can hit my next Epic Win. “

Anne (Epic Win: Go 21 consecutive (or near-consecutive) days without self-destructive ideation, by June 3): “It’s lovely going 3 weeks without any of the usual, daily “black hell” between the ears.”

Alison (Epic Win: Meditate 10 times by this Friday!): “This is a baby epic win- my first. I feel pretty humbled that it was such a challenge. I just managed to meditate almost regularly for a couple of weeks. I still have a way to go on my adventure but it feels good to have made a start. “

John (Epic Win: Learn Mood For A Day by YES): “I NEVER thought I’d be able to learn to play Mood For A Day by YES!! Seemed outta my league. But doing it little by little, and not getting frustrated kept me going. Staying positive and on track is the key.”

Olga-Maria (Epic Win: Fly to fl & drive tampa w/o panicking): “i am feeling great–definitely feeling superbetter. my highs stay steady & my lows are so much higher than they have ever been. my allies are great, and everything about sb has been helpful. now i feel like the bad guys are easier and easier to avoid, the power ups are more and more second nature, and the other habits of action, thought, and feeling that i’ve build through this program have really paid off. i am more resilient and i also am more compassionate with myself and others. thank you so much for all of this help, everyone. i really believe in this program & am excited to share it with my doctor, as i already have with my friends.”


Congratulations to Charlie, Jill, Melanie, Anne, Alison, John, and Olga-Maria! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark “Share this win with others” when you accomplish it!

Epic Win Friday! A 20-mile walk for hunger and more

The last few weeks have brought some really incredible wins for our players. Check out a few of their accomplishments below, including a huge win by All-Star Meg and one by special player Mia Quinn!

Meg, All-Star (Epic Win: walk 20 miles in the Walk for Hunger on May 6th):

“Until I started walking, I would have told you that there was no way I could ever walk 20 miles in a day. Until mile 5, I would have told you that I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my day walking. Until mile 9.5, I would have told you that the only reason I was walking was that there were other people walking with me. Until mile 11.5, I would have told you that the only reason I was walking was prove I could go farther than the one other teammate remaining. Until mile 14, I would have told you that mind was a complete blank. Until mile 16, I would have told you that my legs were going to cramp up too badly for me to finish. Until mile 17, I would have told you that the drums in my head were the only thing keeping me going. Until mile 18, I would have told you that I was stuck in a time loop and wasn’t really getting anywhere. Until mile 19, I would have told you that I had no idea why I was still going. Until mile 20, I would have told you that there was absolutely no way I could walk 20 miles. At mile 20, my life changed.”

Mia Quinn (Epic Win: wipe out social anxiety): “This past month I have done a lot to break down my social anxiety and really get myself out there. I have gotten closer with three great friends in my life and am making more efforts to make my connections stronger with people. I am really looking forward to keeping this up!”

Ryan G. (Epic Win: enjoy time with my children): “It’s amazing how little changes have afforded me quality time and future goals with my son!”

Andy T. (Epic Win: lower my cholesterol and reduce the risk of a heart attack): “I feel that i have shown great discipline and I am very pleased with myself. I would have liked to have shared it with many more Allies!”

Jenny F. (Epic Win: reach 179 lbs): “Just broke the 180 barrier and it feels good! No plans to get back up there again.”

Irena V. (Epic Win: take advantage of every day): “Oh, wow. It just were about noticing all the awesome people around me. I regained my self-esteem and started to be proactive. :)”


Congratulations Meg, Mia, Ryan, Andy, Jenny, and Irena! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark “Share this win with others” when you accomplish it!


Epic Win Friday! Weight loss, new job, bellydancing, and more!

SuperBetter players are continuing to rock the world with their incredible epic wins. Check out these successes from our players from the last couple weeks!

Misty (Epic Win: Down to 155): “Today I actually went PAST my epic win by .4 pounds. The challenge is the yo yo… NOT to go back up! I didn’t do anything drastic… just exercised moderately (walking A LOT) and eating better (following my Weight Watchers points). My epic win was originally my final goal…. but it was getting discouraging. So, I changed it to baby steps….. smaller goals I could actually meet. Now I’m resetting it to the second baby step….. I hope to achieve it soon! THANKS SUPER BETTER!!!”

Zoe (Epic Win: Get a job!): “I am so happy right now, there are little uncontrollable “yip”s of happiness exploding out of me at regular intervals. I have found a job that will keep our house safe, mentally stimulate me, put me in close proximity to cool and inspiring people, and get my foot in the door in the field I want to make my career in. AND NOT ONLY THAT… but it has the potential to move me into a work-from-anywhere kind of job, in a field where I can be -very- well paid to do my work from a beach in Laos, or from bed. AHHHHHHHHH! I don’t expect this to fix everything – I feel like I am making progress, but I’m still in the process of forming the habits that are going to help me stay Superbetter. But today is definitely a good day. :D:D:D”

Eric (Epic Win: Get back to my workout routine): “Awesome!! I’m still working on chronic pain issues, but I’ve gotten back to my workout routine, getting up early each morning to put in the work. The next step is consistency, and ramping up the intensity. One of my key goals is to undertake and then complete the P90X program. I need to vanquish tendonitic overuse issues in order to do that. I also need to rehab my knee. I’m finding the strength to tackle these goals–one step at a time, while improving myself in other ways all the time. Thanks Superbetter!”

Mike (Epic Win: Be healthier): “I feel confident. I feel like I am not only going to be able to work hard for my goals, but also I am capable to go the extra mile past my goal.”

Nick (Epic Win: Quit smoking): “I’ve done it before, and I knew I could do it again. I’m not out of the woods yet, but the first step is the hardest. Giving up smoking is the first step in finding healthy and positive ways to deal with my stress.”

Dancer Mohana (Epic Win: Effortlessly bellydance a 1 hour set! Key word is “effortlessly”. I can already belly dance, but I want to dance without getting fatigued and sweaty!): “I’m not sure why it’s saying I accomplished my epic win already when I didn’t. I want to dance/perform effortlessly for at least 1/2 hour without huffing-puffing, panting, and sweating buckets. That hasn’t happened yet. I do practice for 1/2 hour or more which is good, but that is less tiring then performing. Either way, I did do well at dance practice today so, yay!”


Congratulations Misty, Zoe, Eric, Mike, Nick, and Mohana! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark Share this win with others when you accomplish it!

New Epic Wins! Diet changes, busting negativity, and more!

The epic wins keep rolling in! This week, check out the epic wins by two All-Stars, Meg and Denyse, as well as special player Mia Quinn.

Christina (Epic Win: Complete one week using Drs Ken’s Plan. 3/20 – 3/27 – 2012): “It was not easy as this food plan was so different from what I have done for so many years. But I feel so much better. Am on week 2.”

Garrett (Epic Win: Better deal with people’s negativity): “I’m a lot more relaxed, a bit more optimistic. I can handle people’s simmering attitudes by putting oil in the pan and then adding food(giving them something they can confidently release their energy out into). Hahaha! I’ve learned that everyone has their own problems but a lot of the time you can’t figure out what their problem is, so their negativity reaches you in some way or another; if you can give them something they enjoy and feel better by they’ll start to better connect to others and lose some of their negative charge and you’ll get the benefit of a friendlier person and satisfaction of knowing you spotted a problem and did something to make things better!”

Laura (Epic Win: Stick to the diet Autumn gives me for 7 days starting today, Monday the 26th): “I feel amazing- just to have stuck with something consistently for a week feels like a huge triumph. It’s not that I was perfect by any means, just that everytime I strayed from my path I sweetly drew back to it. That’s the path to gettign Superbetter!”

Meg (Epic Win: Get through an entire week without ordering out): “Last week, I successfully did not order any delivery from Foodler. When I didn’t want to cook, I got up and out of the house and walked down the street to get my breakfast. I ate dinner out once by myself after an 11-hour day but made sure to focus on a protein and a soure of good fats (avocado!) instead of just chowing down on comfort food. I slipped up once and allowed myself a chocolate muffin but the guilt I still feel about it makes me pretty sure it won’t happen again. I’m being really good at meals with my friends, eschewing the fries I want so badly for a hummus plate to share with my ally. I DID order delivery just this past Sunday, after my week was up, BUT I ordered a salad and hummus and did NOT order from the place that sends the delicious rolls that I love. Success!!”

Denyse (Epic Win: Complete editor’s revisions and get a book contract!): “I’ve buried myself into my manuscript revisions for 9 days, but it was well worth it. The revisions suggested by my editor not only made my book better it awarded me a contract. I feel great and recharged to tackle many challenges!”

Joanna (Epic Win: Drink my well water): “My well water tastes terrible. It been a real obstacle for me in drinking enough to stay hydrated. I have been exhausted from dehydration which leads to caffeine chugging, extra snacking, and a nasty cycle of bad habits. I set this as my first epic win because it was so important to many of my health goals. I knew that I had to find a way to make it palatable in order to succeed. I found a way: add lemon juice. I have never enjoyed adding lemon to water, but the slick feel of the well water made me think of a base so adding an acid was worth a shot. I’ve been able to drink adequate water for the first time since moving here six months ago. Drinking my well water is such an epic break through that my stress level has been drastically reduced, both physically and psychologically.”

Mia Quinn (Epic Win: Bust Hypervigilance): “I am really proud of myself for the work I did over the past couple of weeks on Hypervigilance and social anxiety. I faced some pretty big challenges and came out of them stronger than ever. I feel encouraged to keep making my relationships with people stronger! And I discovered some great tools with one of my allies that are a big help.”


Congratulations Christina, Garrett, Laura, Meg, Denyse, Joanna, and Mia! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark “Share this win with others” when you accomplish it!

New Epic Wins! A day without back pain, and more!

SuperBetter is just now two weeks old, but we’ve already had a slew of fantastic epic wins achieved! Check out these awesome accomplishments and how the players felt upon completing their epic wins:

Jim (Epic Win: have a full work day of no back pain): “I feel energized and well supported by Cathy my hero who asked me to go with her. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. ”

Brigid (Epic Win: jump out of bed in the morning and get going without a headache): “I feel like I’m getting better!”

Mia Quinn (Epic Win: be my own self-advocate): “I think I’m well on my way to being my own self-advocate. I have asked for things I need multiple times over the past couple of weeks. I have reached out for help and worked with others on tools and ideas to help each other. I’m calling this an epic win and starting a new goal this week. And I will continue to be my own self advocate and improve on that.”

Denyse (Epic Win: polish my manuscript and submit to a state-wide contest): “Yay! I’ve met my deadline and submitted my work. Although, I didn’t finish all the revisions I’ve intended to do. ”

lexie (Epic Win: get back to soccer): “i feel so amazing and accomplished!! i didn’t think i would be able to play anymore this year but i let myself heal emotionally and physically. and now i’m stronger than ever! TTTTTHHHHHHAAAAANNNNKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Rubèn (Epic Win: design a game): “It was raining in my town. I just took a quest from a friend. He suggested me to design 3 game mechanics. While I was doing it I ended designing a whole game! I know it is a game that you can play outside and it’s not yet been tested. But who cares! I designed a whole game! The moment I smiled because I loved what I was doing the sun entered through my window and shocked my face. I also cried! Wow thank you all superbetter staff!!! I am taking a new epic win, testing it with real people!”


Congratulations Jim, Brigid, Mia, Denyse, Lexie, and Rubèn! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark “Share this win with others” when you accomplish it!