Connect with the SuperBetter community and meet Jane!


September 15th kicks off an amazing season for SuperBetter, and we want you to be a part of it!  Jane will be touring the U.S. and Canada, connecting with SuperBetter fans and discussing her awesome new book.

This is your chance to meet your allies, make new friends, and share your experiece with Jane.  Click here to see the list of events and RSVP today!

1 thought on “Connect with the SuperBetter community and meet Jane!

  1. Hi Jane my name is John Scott I work for Brain Injury Services North Ontario, Canada. I recently watched you on the Joe Rogan Experience. I would like to use your app but I’m just wondering if it could benefit those who having been suffering from traumatic brain injuries for a long period of time. We’re having a meeting September 15th, I think it would have greater impact if you would check out the site and maybe contact the Transitional Learning Center via email and send them a link to your app, Ted Talk, blog and other info that could be valuable. I will bring it up in the meeting but I think it would have a double whammy effect if you emailed them before then, thank you and I look forward to hearing more about this app a future research!!

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