Digital Boogie – What’s your Power Song?


We asked the All-Stars to give us something to get us moving this Friday by staring their Week 6 videos with a lip sync to their favorite songs. And it’s a good thing the All-Stars are awesome people who don’t mind being silly for the sake of science, because they actually did it. They’re helping us form an epic playlist full of inspiring, get-up-and-take-on-the-world songs, for which we want your suggestions too! Leave them in the comments or hit us up on Twitter to share your favorite power song, and we’ll add them to a YouTube playlist.


Charlie: “My Way” by I Fight Dragons

Jamie: “Back in Black” by AC/DC

Eric: “Catch” by Kosheen

Meg: “Let’s Hear it for Me” by Barbara Streisand – ACTUALLY SINGING, YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!


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