Epic Win Friday! Weight loss, new job, bellydancing, and more!


SuperBetter players are continuing to rock the world with their incredible epic wins. Check out these successes from our players from the last couple weeks!

Misty (Epic Win: Down to 155): “Today I actually went PAST my epic win by .4 pounds. The challenge is the yo yo… NOT to go back up! I didn’t do anything drastic… just exercised moderately (walking A LOT) and eating better (following my Weight Watchers points). My epic win was originally my final goal…. but it was getting discouraging. So, I changed it to baby steps….. smaller goals I could actually meet. Now I’m resetting it to the second baby step….. I hope to achieve it soon! THANKS SUPER BETTER!!!”

Zoe (Epic Win: Get a job!): “I am so happy right now, there are little uncontrollable “yip”s of happiness exploding out of me at regular intervals. I have found a job that will keep our house safe, mentally stimulate me, put me in close proximity to cool and inspiring people, and get my foot in the door in the field I want to make my career in. AND NOT ONLY THAT… but it has the potential to move me into a work-from-anywhere kind of job, in a field where I can be -very- well paid to do my work from a beach in Laos, or from bed. AHHHHHHHHH! I don’t expect this to fix everything – I feel like I am making progress, but I’m still in the process of forming the habits that are going to help me stay Superbetter. But today is definitely a good day. :D:D:D”

Eric (Epic Win: Get back to my workout routine): “Awesome!! I’m still working on chronic pain issues, but I’ve gotten back to my workout routine, getting up early each morning to put in the work. The next step is consistency, and ramping up the intensity. One of my key goals is to undertake and then complete the P90X program. I need to vanquish tendonitic overuse issues in order to do that. I also need to rehab my knee. I’m finding the strength to tackle these goals–one step at a time, while improving myself in other ways all the time. Thanks Superbetter!”

Mike (Epic Win: Be healthier): “I feel confident. I feel like I am not only going to be able to work hard for my goals, but also I am capable to go the extra mile past my goal.”

Nick (Epic Win: Quit smoking): “I’ve done it before, and I knew I could do it again. I’m not out of the woods yet, but the first step is the hardest. Giving up smoking is the first step in finding healthy and positive ways to deal with my stress.”

Dancer Mohana (Epic Win: Effortlessly bellydance a 1 hour set! Key word is “effortlessly”. I can already belly dance, but I want to dance without getting fatigued and sweaty!): “I’m not sure why it’s saying I accomplished my epic win already when I didn’t. I want to dance/perform effortlessly for at least 1/2 hour without huffing-puffing, panting, and sweating buckets. That hasn’t happened yet. I do practice for 1/2 hour or more which is good, but that is less tiring then performing. Either way, I did do well at dance practice today so, yay!”


Congratulations Misty, Zoe, Eric, Mike, Nick, and Mohana! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark Share this win with others when you accomplish it!

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