From Social Chocolate to SuperBetter Labs


At the beginning of 2012, Social Chocolate became SuperBetter Labs.

The name Social Chocolate came from Dacher Keltner’s book “Born To Be Good”:

The smiles that punctuate our daily interactions, and the evolutionary relatives of the smile like the laugh and warm touch, are like social chocolate. They motivate us. They satisfy us. They are the reward we crave most.

It encapsulated the interactions we wanted to create between people, and what we wanted to bring to everyone who enjoyed our games: smiles and laughter. Over the course of our year developing SuperBetter, we found our goals expanding, and at the end of the year, we held an all-staff meeting to take stock of how far we had come, and where we were going.

As we reflected on why we joined together in the first place, we realized all of us were drawn towards the same goal: to help make the world, and everyone in it, SuperBetter. SuperBetter wasn’t just a game we were creating; it was a mantra for everything we believed in.

Getting SuperBetter means fulfilling your greatest potential, activating your strengths to overcome seemingly impossible challenges, and living a truly epic life in the service of a better world.

Adding ‘Labs’ let us convey our passion for experimentation: constantly creating new ways of exploring the world and understanding our ability to positively affect it. We are gameful scientists.

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