Gratitude is contagious! Oprah’s Thank You Game


The office is buzzing here at SuperBetter Labs! We’re SOOOO excited and we want you to know why:

Jane, Chelsea, and other members of our team have collaborated with Oprah Winfrey to create a gratitude game with the power to take over the world literally! We’re going to use Oprah’s Thank You Game to thank THE ENTIRE US and CANADA in the next month. It’s amazing. Already, just over 36 hours after the game went public, more than 2.4 million people across the world have been thanked. Read our press release officially launching the Thank You Game

We have chills. We can’t stop smiling. And we want you to be a part of it!

All you have to do is say Thank You and hit the Thank You Button. Then watch your Thank You spread through your community and across the map. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s positively addictive—trust us, we check the map every day and squeal with delight as different countries light up!

On that note, I want to thank you, dear SuperBetter Heroes, for being such brave and willing pioneers. You’re willing to play and you keep showing up. That’s the greatest gift you could have ever given me. You make my journey as a creator and writer of PowerPacks possible. Without your willingness, I couldn’t do my job. And wow, would I be missing out without SuperBetter in my life! Thank you for showing up.


Bez Maxwell is a Power Pack writer for SuperBetter and overall creative extraordinaire! She writes for the entire SuperBetter team when she says thank you to our heroes – we could never do this without you!


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