Jane on The Tim Ferriss Show

jane-mcgonigal-on-the-tim-ferriss-show2SuperBetter creator Jane McGonigal discusses the Health Benefits of Games on The Tim Ferriss Show.

In this conversation, Tim and Jane dig into everything from recovering from head trauma to how you can use Candy Crush Saga to lose weight. Not enough? How about using Tetris to prevent PTSD, or using Call of Duty to increase empathy?

And, of course, SuperBetter…

Click here to listen to the full podcast.


3 thoughts on “Jane on The Tim Ferriss Show

  1. As an entrepreneur who also mentors others, I recognize well the benefit of the qualities developed through gamefulness that Jane speaks about in this podcast, and in her book. It is one of my most shared podcast yet, trumping any typical business topic, because her science and experience back up my own. I look forward to playing with the SuperBetter game and continuing to learn more from a now valued resource.

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  3. I’ve listened to ALL of Tim’s podcast episodes (a significant and worthwhile time commitment), and yours Jane was by far the episode that made me want to tell everyone about what I learned. Also made a few download Tetris straight away! I’ve pre-ordered your new book, and just began Reality is Broken – loving it already. Keep up the great work!!

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