Join the New SuperBetter Official Community Group on Facebook

Hello, Allies!

We are pleased to announce a new place where all of us in the SuperBetter community can connect online to recruit allies, share ideas, be supported, find inspiration, and give encouragement to others.

Sound good? To join, simply follow this link (or the one directly below). Find the blue “Join Group” button at the top of the group page and click it. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will need to start one before joining the group. As soon as your request to join is approved by a group admin, you will be able to start posting and interacting.

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A New Place to Find Online Allies

The SuperBetter Official Community Group on Facebook will replace the previous SuperBetter Forum. The forum’s technology was outdated and difficult to maintain, causing it to be unreliable and down too much of the time. After carefully weighing many options, we determined the best way to support the community was to switch to a more reliable solution that would be familiar, easy to maintain, and include many convenient forum-like features.

The SuperBetter Official Community Group on Facebook is a place to connect with others using the original SuperBetter app and website that we make available for free to anyone around the world. Our hope is that it will become a helpful, interactive hub for recruiting allies, sharing ideas and supporting one another.

We recently announced a new version of SuperBetter being developed for the workplace. With limited resources, our small team is heads down making SuperBetter At Work the best possible employee resilience-building tool.  For that reason, we will not be heavily managing the new Facebook group directly. We will provide the space, but it will be up to the members of the SuperBetter community – that is, all of you – to make the SuperBetter Official Facebook Group a living, breathing place.

In the new year we’ll reach out to the community and ask for volunteers to serve as admins for the SuperBetter Group. These will be the people who will help the group run smoothly and make sure that things like spam and inappropriate content are filtered out. An announcement for the admin search will be made in a future post on the SuperBetter blog and Facebook group, so please keep an eye out if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.

That’s all for now, Allies. We hope you are enjoying the holiday season thus far. Stay warm and may your days be merry and bright!

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