We’re Looking for a Few Good Moderators! (For the SuperBetter Community!)

Hi, everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the holidays!

A few weeks back we announced the new official SuperBetter community group on Facebook. The response from the community has been tremendously positive, and as of this writing the group is already a few hundred members strong. Every day there are new members joining, and every day there are new posts sharing insights, tips, wisdom, and mutual support.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, the SuperBetter team is busy pouring its energy and resources into supporting our SuperBetter At Work alliance partnership. So in order to keep the official SuperBetter community group a positive, welcoming, and safe space we’re going to need the help of our allies – that’s you!

We’re reaching out to the SuperBetter community to see if there are any heroes out there who would like to serve as volunteer moderators for the Facebook group.

The main tasks that moderators would be responsible for can be summarized as follows:

  • Accepting new “join group” requests.
  • Checking into the group regularly to make sure everything is okay. (The details of this will be explained further below.)
  • Moderating threads in the event of conflict among members.
  • Giving friendly warnings to those who break community guidelines.
  • If necessary, banning anyone from the group who repeatedly violates community guidelines.

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, there are two things we ask you to do first.

(1) Scroll down and read the list of moderator duties to make sure this is something you can realistically do. Because this would be a voluntary role, we need allies who are interested to fully understand the tasks that would be entrusted to them. It shouldn’t be a lot of work, but being a moderator isn’t for everyone!

(2) After reading the full list of moderator tasks below, if you’re still interested please fill out a short form at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/YkBRE1p3zahOPx912

Once we have enough allies raising hands we’ll pick a handful of folks whom we feel would make the best fit for the role, based on your answers on the form.


Please read if you’re interested in becoming a moderator!

  • Accepting new “join group” requests. 99% of the time, people who request to join will be real people who are fans of SuperBetter. We therefore won’t be strict with approving requests like some groups are. If, however, a member later repeatedly spams or breaks rules, then their membership can be revoked.
  • Regularly checking into the group to make sure all is well. We know some days will be busier for moderators than others, so checking in multiple times a day won’t be necessary. Even checking in every day won’t always be necessary. But we ask that you try to check in on a reasonably regular basis to make sure everything is okay. The next bullet point below will cover what’s “okay” and what isn’t.
  • Remove any inappropriate posts/comments. We don’t expect this will happen often but as membership grows it might happen occasionally. An “inappropriate” post/comment would be considered any of the following:
    • Something that is hateful towards any person or group.
    • Something that is an obvious attempt to sell an unrelated product (shoes, cameras, etc.). Members are welcome to share things like links to their blog or creative works as long as the theme is related, it’s not too frequent, and as long as that’s not the only thing they are sharing.
    • Something that isn’t relevant to SuperBetter. It doesn’t always have to be directly about SuperBetter per se as long as it is at least indirectly related in some way (a link to an article about off-road racing, for example, would most likely be unrelated while a post about New Year’s resolutions could be related – just use your best judgement).
  • Keep the peace. Again, this probably won’t happen often, but sometimes there may be times when a thread is at risk of getting emotionally heated or personal. A moderator’s task would be to step in and try to cool things down. Ideally, a polite reminder should be all that’s needed. If that doesn’t work, then it may be necessary to use the “Turn off commenting” function for that thread.
  • Don’t take sides while moderating. Moderators are always welcome to start their own threads and share their own experiences and stories, just like regular members. But if there’s conflict in a thread and you have to step in to moderate, don’t take sides or get emotionally involved. Simply keep things positive, safe, and welcoming.
  • Offer friendly warnings to rule breakers and, if necessary, ban repeat offenders from the group. The best thing to do when a member violates a group guideline is to politely remind them of the guideline they’re breaking. If for some reason someone keeps breaking the same guideline, then it might be necessary to “ban” that person from the group. If it does become necessary to ban someone, please do it discreetly and don’t announce it to the whole group.
  • Respect and trust each other’s judgement as moderators. This will be necessary for this system to work since we will have several moderators. If another moderator makes a decision to close commenting on a thread, delete a thread, or ban a member, try to respect that moderator’s decision and trust that it was for a good reasons. If we second guess each other this system won’t work.
  • In general, be lenient and give people the benefit of the doubt. This is meant to be an accepting, loving community so we don’t want to be overly vigilant or strict. Every now and then people might make mistakes. Just politely point out their mistake and ask them to avoid doing it again. Only do something as drastic as banning a member if it’s becoming a repeated problem.
  • Don’t abuse the moderator role. We don’t expect this would ever happen in our group but it has been known to happen in other Facebook groups. This means not deleting a member’s post or banning anyone from the group for personal reasons if they aren’t violating any guidelines.

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