Meet our All-Stars!

Last month, we took applications for players to be SuperBetter All-Stars. These players will share their SuperBetter journeys over the next 6-8 weeks through blog posts and videos, and they’re truly an amazing group of people! With challenges ranging from losing weight to battling depression to cancer, these heroic men and women have opened their lives to give you an insider’s view of what it means to get SuperBetter. We’ll feature more information and blog posts from our All-Stars over the coming weeks, and you can follow them on our YouTube channel. Right now, you can watch their application videos to get acquainted with them and the goals they are pursuing.

Jonathan B.: Powered by positive attitude
Epic win: Drop a pant size.
Secret superpower: My ability to take a positive attitude about improvements to my diet and exercise regiment.
You’d never guess that: I play the ukulele. Poorly.
Inspiration: My wife. We’ve known each other since high school, and she’s still able to see the healthy me hidden inside.

Joyce C.: Super senior committed to fitness
Epic win: Go to the gym four times a week
Secret superpower: Joyful dedication
You’d never guess that: I used to be a librarian.
Inspiration: Staying strong so that I can do all the things I want to do.

Mike R.: Defeating depression to run faster than ever
Epic win: To run my fastest half-marathon time
Secret superpower: Some would say that my superpower is making friends
You’d never guess that: I’ve been known to write more than the odd poem
Inspiration: Life and it’s indomitable drive to continue and flourish

Tara J.: Weight loss warrior
Epic win: Lose 10lbs
Secret superpower: Knowledge. I know a lot of random things
You’d never guess that: I was in the Army
Inspiration: My mom, who had the greatest love of life and can-do attitude of anyone I’ve ever known. P!nk – who I want to be/look like when I grow up

Phillip J.: Pursuing happiness in the face of cancer
Epic win: To take a creative photo everyday until September 1st, 2012
Secret superpower: My ability to project positivity with the click of a camera shutter
You’d never guess that: I have cancer
Inspiration: My the desire to learn something new each day from another person

Deborah T.: Conquering back pain with humor and grace
Epic win: Reduce pain enough to get a full night’s sleep
Secret superpower: Humor
You’d never guess that: I practice accents
Inspiration: Passion. I love to see it and to seek it

Charlie H.: Building the strength to speak up
Epic win: Have the confidence to speak up in a situation where I can constructively add my voice
Secret superpower: My ability to flip a switch and to go into crisis mode where I don’t fall apart but end up chugging along and helping others
You’d never guess that: Once upon a time, I was a concert alto saxophonist
Inspiration: My wife, Julie, as she is one of the few that when she gives me praise, I actually, full-heartedly, believe

Erin K.: Once an ally, now becoming a hero
Epic win: Lose 10lbs
Secret superpower: The ability to be awesome at all video games
You’d never guess that: I lived in a small village in Poland for a summer to excavate a 1000 year old medieval cemetery
Inspiration: Jessica McDonald because if she can deal with ridiculous bone infections and Crohn’s then I can conquer something as common as eating right and staying in shape

Brad S.: Searching for sustainable contentment
Epic win: Live six months in sustainable contentement
Secret superpower: Cogitation
You’d never guess that: I am a very simple person
Inspiration: The universe, and humanity’s complexity within it

Courtney S.: Delivering a roundhouse kick to injury
Epic win: Return to martial arts practice
Secret superpower: Kung-fu Grip! I am a blackbelt, and approach my problems head-on with determination and dedication.
You’d never guess that: I write dark horror fiction for the past, present and future.
Inspiration: My family

Eric B.: Getting in shape to improve confidence
Epic win: Lose 10lbs
Secret superpower: The ability to cognitively reinterpret anything through super-ninja philosophy skills
You’d never guess that: At one time I completed a bike ride called the Triple Bypass. It’s a 127 mile bike ride over three mountain passes with over 10,000 feet of climbing – in a single day.
Inspiration: The thought of my future self and the impact I can have on my relationships with family, friends, partners and clients

Jamie O.: Overcoming depression to rock graduate school
Epic win: Run a 5K race (because exercise helps with depression!)
Secret superpower: Determination. Once I make up my mind to do something, I’ll never quit
You’d never guess that: I was a vegan for awhile. I ultimately couldn’t keep it up—I’m a sucker for cheese and seafood
Inspiration: My dad. He’s the kindest, most patient person I know, and on top of that he turns 67 this year and still runs and lifts weights almost every day (and he’s been doing it since high school)!

Jeff H.: On an epic adventure to get fit
Epic win: Reach a goal weight of 180lbs
Secret superpower: I can see the code
You’d never guess that: I coach kids’ soccer
Inspiration: Learning

Lucy R.: Battling bad dreams and sleeplessness
Epic win: Get a paragliding license. It takes time and commitment to get a license, so I need my rest!
Secret superpower: My joyfulness
You’d never guess that: I really, really object to adulterated fruit, and by that I mean fruit medleys, cooked fruit, fruit cocktails, tinned fruit, jam. Fruit is just so perfect when it comes off the bush, tree or plant, I will never understand why people want to mess with it and simply make it taste not as nice!

Lukas B.: Banishing sugar for a healthier life
Epic win: Cut out refined sugar for 30 days
Secret superpower: My constant striving for self-improvement
You’d never guess that: I am a woman named Lukas
Inspiration: My best friend Tracy, who has taught me so much about eating food that makes you happy and healthy

Meg W.: Changing eating habits for better health
Epic win: Defeating the urge to order out for seven days
Secret superpower: Creativity
You’d never guess that I: I have pretty good luck in horse races
Inspiration: My older sister, who never lets anything defeat her

Denyse C.: Getting organized once and for all

Epic win: Edit my novel’s first draft and work full-time as an artist
Secret superpower: My willingness to try new things and new challenges
You’d never guess that: I grew up in a farm in Brazil
Inspiration: My beautiful son

Debby H.: After concussion, recovering words, memory, and self

Epic win: Feeling like my brain is back to where it was before
Secret superpower: My outgoing personality – I can talk to anyone!
You’d never guess that: I used to feel I was shy
Inspiration: So tough pick just one! I get inspired people who did things they didn’t want to just because it had to be done or someone else needed them

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