New Epic Wins! A day without back pain, and more!

SuperBetter is just now two weeks old, but we’ve already had a slew of fantastic epic wins achieved! Check out these awesome accomplishments and how the players felt upon completing their epic wins:

Jim (Epic Win: have a full work day of no back pain): “I feel energized and well supported by Cathy my hero who asked me to go with her. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. ”

Brigid (Epic Win: jump out of bed in the morning and get going without a headache): “I feel like I’m getting better!”

Mia Quinn (Epic Win: be my own self-advocate): “I think I’m well on my way to being my own self-advocate. I have asked for things I need multiple times over the past couple of weeks. I have reached out for help and worked with others on tools and ideas to help each other. I’m calling this an epic win and starting a new goal this week. And I will continue to be my own self advocate and improve on that.”

Denyse (Epic Win: polish my manuscript and submit to a state-wide contest): “Yay! I’ve met my deadline and submitted my work. Although, I didn’t finish all the revisions I’ve intended to do. ”

lexie (Epic Win: get back to soccer): “i feel so amazing and accomplished!! i didn’t think i would be able to play anymore this year but i let myself heal emotionally and physically. and now i’m stronger than ever! TTTTTHHHHHHAAAAANNNNKKKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Rubèn (Epic Win: design a game): “It was raining in my town. I just took a quest from a friend. He suggested me to design 3 game mechanics. While I was doing it I ended designing a whole game! I know it is a game that you can play outside and it’s not yet been tested. But who cares! I designed a whole game! The moment I smiled because I loved what I was doing the sun entered through my window and shocked my face. I also cried! Wow thank you all superbetter staff!!! I am taking a new epic win, testing it with real people!”


Congratulations Jim, Brigid, Mia, Denyse, Lexie, and Rubèn! If you’d like to see your Epic Win on the SuperBetter blog, please be sure to mark “Share this win with others” when you accomplish it!

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