Super-calories! New research helps you get SuperBetter at losing weight

Here at SuperBetter, we work with scientists, doctors and researchers to make sure that our Power Packs are chock full of the latest breakthrough findings. Our biggest, most awesome Power Pack so far is our Full Plate Diet power pack, designed to help you get SuperBetter at losing weight.

The Full Plate Diet is a diet with a twist — according to the research, most people have to eat MORE in order to lose weight. Download the power pack and give it a play if you’re curious to find out how it works! Or, watch this video:

Introduction to the Full Plate Diet’s SuperBetter Power Pack from SuperBetter on Vimeo.

Well, this week the New York Times reported on new research that adds further support to the Full Plate Diet’s counter-intuitive methodology. The highlight of the research: You can eat more calories and lose weight, IF the calories you’re adding are fiber calories. That’s because the body doesn’t actually fully digest fiber, so you’re not actually absorbing all of the calories.

We love to see new research validate the great science we’re already working with… it helps us create even more quests for you to reach your epic win.