Growing SuperBetter’s Impact in the World

Hello, Allies!

We are excited to share this update with you.

If you’ve read the SuperBetter book, you know that one of the seven rules of living gamefully is to go for Epic Wins.  At SuperBetter, our Epic Win is to unlock the heroic potential of individuals, organizations and communities around the world.  This is our North Star.

We’ve identified a pathway to this Epic Win that holds the greatest promise for impact and sustainability.

Inspired by Jane’s quote, “You are surrounded by potential allies,” we’ve embarked on a path to forge mission-aligned alliances to bring SuperBetter to new markets in the coming years.  The first leg of this journey is employers.

SuperBetter Is Coming to the Workplace

superbetter at work bannerWe’re pleased to announce that we’ve licensed rights to bring the proven SuperBetter method to the workplace.  Our licensee, Abound Wellbeing, is a mission-aligned, privately held company that equips employees and organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

SuperBetter At Work will be their flagship product.  They will develop a new version of SuperBetter to address the distinct needs of employees and employers.

Our Science Is Getting Attention

Two really big updates here:

world psychiatry logoFirst, World Psychiatry just published the first-ever meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the efficacy of smartphone-based mental health interventions for depression.   The SuperBetter study at the University of Pennsylvania is 1 of 18 quality RCTs included in the meta-analysis. The analysis shows that SuperBetter had the largest effect among the 22 apps evaluated in these 18 RCTs.  In other words, SuperBetter helped the most in reducing symptoms of depression.  Power-up!

Second, this summer Brain Injury published an NIH-funded clinical study conducted at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  In the study, teens with persistent concussion symptoms who played SuperBetter for 3-6 weeks and received standard medical care had significantly greater reduction in symptoms compared to a control group that received only standard medical care. You can read a terrific story about the study in USA Today.

The SuperBetter Community Is Awesome

The global SuperBetter Community is now more than 700,000 strong.  We are humbled and inspired by the grassroots passion, interest and support for SuperBetter and its potential to create positive change in the world. It warms our hearts to hear your stories, learn about therapists recommending SuperBetter to patients, and discover teachers using our gameful approach in their classrooms to increase student resilience.

Please know that as we follow our path to partnerships, we plan to continue to make the existing SuperBetter apps and website available for FREE, so anyone around the world can use them.

This version of SuperBetter is truly free.  We don’t sell anyone’s data or use in-product advertising.  We’ll continue to do the best we can with available resources to maintain this free service.  As you play SuperBetter, please keep in mind that our resources are limited and be forgiving if you discover bugs or it takes a while to respond to a question.

If you’ve played SuperBetter lately, you’ll notice that we recently pushed new updates for the iOS and Android apps, fixed bugs, and added Power Packs. The technical team is now working on a plan to address access issues with the forum.

As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas. The best way to reach us is to visit or email us at

Yours Gamefully,

The SuperBetter Team

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