Your Awesomeness Is the Backbone of Everything I Write

Here are the two most crucial things that I want you to learn from me today. Nope, I won’t make you sit quietly, study endlessly, or toil for years until you’ve earned the right to hear it. You don’t need to be ready. I’ll just tell you now:

1. I champion and celebrate your desire, dear Hero, to change and evolve as much as you want to. And you do not need to be fixed. No matter what your situation, challenge, or condition, there’s nothing wrong with you. You are blazingly fantastic, whole, and perfect down to your core. You’re doing such an excellent job of being you.

I know that some of us out there are genuinely sick, have suffered life-shattering injuries, or are hurtling more quickly towards death than others. Some of our bodies are in greater stages of perpetual crisis, with very real implications to live with. Some of our minds tend towards the darker and more painful shades of reality. Some of us are stuck in habits and patterns that no longer serve, ones that we want to dramatically change. Some of us need help just facing the day.

I’m a huge advocate for positive change and for receiving help and support. That’s why I write Power Packs and believe so much in games like SuperBetter. I’ve contended with my own emotional demons, physical conditions, and strange but tenacious habits of self-sabotage. I know that given the right physical care, social food, mental air, and emotional watering, we humans can flourish in ways that astound and inspire me. There are real habits and practices we can do to positively enhance our lives.

But I need you to know that underneath and all around whatever challenges you’re facing right now—you are AWESOME. You’re awesome despite your challenges, sure; but you’re also awesome because of them. They are what lead you here after all. Let’s take a moment to thank them for that.

That’s one of my goals as a Power Pack writer for SuperBetter: to offer up tools and suggestions for transforming a life by using and accepting exactly what we’ve got.

Another is to support positive change in a way that focuses more on the adventure than on the destination. Which leads us to crucial point number two:

2. You win the game by playing it, not by finishing it. Finishing this game of life means you’ve died. Hopefully when we do reach the finish line (even if it comes sooner than we hoped), we have a sense that we used the time we had here to greatest advantage for ourselves and for others.

This means we’re beyond self-improvement, folks. We’re past that false notion that there’s somewhere static and tangible to get to—and if we could just get to that perfected state then we’d be golden, our problems solved, and money would start raining down from the sky. We’d have “won the game,” so to speak.

I don’t think so. I’m not sure how the myth of arrival got set up in the first place, but let me offer an example of how ridiculous it really is: I’ve been breathing my whole life,” an man says eagerly to you on the train home, and I’ve worked hard at it. Any day now I’ll have perfected it and then I’ll be done with it altogether! I mean, I’ve mastered it—so I won’t have to do it anymore, right?”


Perfected, mastered breathing obviously doesn’t imply that we stop breathing. Anything but. It might mean breathing has become easier or more flowing. That there’s enjoyment with each breath, or that I can now use my breath to alleviate pain or calm nerves; to connect with others and be fully alive in this world. But I don’t stop. No, as long as I’m alive I never stop breathing. Instead, I use breathing as a tool in the tool kit that I reach into when I need support, want to increase my enjoyment or sense of purpose, or want to ramp up my resilience. It’s a tool I can use on my journey of life, one that can make the journey easier and more fun.

The same is true for personal evolution and growth. “Winning the game” of positive change, living up to our potential, and moving towards our dreams—the game of being SuperBetter—isn’t about reaching the finish line and then being fanned in a golden chair for the rest of your life. (I love golden chairs and being fanned, fyi—just under different circumstances.) It’s not about the finish line. It’s about playing the game and playing it well, to the best of our current abilities. It’s about being the Hero in our own never-ending adventure. In the game of life, we don’t always defeat the dragon and then rest on our laurels. Instead we discover all the ways there are to defeat dragons then practice our favorite techniques so that next time the dragon pops up, we can kick some ass.

Or have learned to speak Dragon.

Or whip out a saddle so we can dragon-ride off into the sunset for a while.

This is what sits at the foundation of my creating and writing of Power Packs. Your awesomeness, Hero, is the backbone of everything I write. I run every Quest, Power-up, and Bad Guy through the awesome filter. Heck, I run every sentence through that filter. I ask myself: does this sentence help bring out the inner gem in my Hero? Does it encourage positive change while not making my Hero feel inadequate for not being there yet? When a Hero reads my words, does she relax and think, “I can do this! I can totally do this”? I strive to push my Heroes towards greater freedom, aliveness, and resilience by believing to my core that each and every one of you is already there. My job isn’t to change you, fix or redeem you, but to expose you to ideas, tools, and concepts that you can use for your own empowerment, that you can use to reveal and express more of who and what you already are: which is mind-blowingly, staggeringly, oh-my-God-I-can-hardly-see-because-of-the-blinding-light incredible.

Want a closer look at what goes into creating Power Packs? Stay tuned for my next installment!

As the creator, developer, and writer of Power Packs, Bez Maxwell brings to SuperBetter an inexhaustible delight in written words, creativity that won’t turn off, and a vast amount of compassion and care for humanity’s emotional welfare. She’s passionate about pushing limits while also loving and appreciating what is, and fiercely values both the ecstatically joyous and the unpleasantly dark aspects of the human experience. Bez is a Stanford-educated professional writer and Certified Life and Relationship Coach trained in transparent communication, emotional wisdom, and playful problem solving for individuals, couples, and businesses.

You can reach her at bez [at] superbetter [dot] com



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  1. Our whole office is playing SB! We just started a few weeks ago. I heard Jane speak at IdeaFestival and was blown away by her sincerity. I could feel her empathy from 30 rows back. Your words ring that true to me, too, Bez, thank you for that. This is the biggest time of my 53 years for so many reasons, and being part of SB has given me a real sense of balance, inner strength and personal purpose. Thanks for such a cool game. Best wishes! Keep up the great Power Packs!

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